We love ’em. We hate ’em. We become ‘em

Having parents is sort of a weird thing. It’s easy to get tired of them, and really hard to distance yourself to discover the real you. We miss them when they haven’t been around in a few days. We want to mean to our kids, what they mean to us. Our children shouldn’t see you as simply parents, but also as friends and confidants. They need access to our lessons and knowledge as individuals. They should want to call us when they need simple everyday advice; but it tends to go away if all they receive is lectures. I know it happened to me with my parents.

I try to find a balance between educating/helping guide my son through life, and instilling discipline. I truly believe this will help me fill two roles, as father and friend. So go ahead and be like your parents, simply try to improve on areas you think they lack. Some of us that grew up in traditional households, specially first generation Americans, sometimes lack that friendship piece in our relationship with them. We can’t hold back sharing something with them, but sometimes, many times, they don’t understand.

On this fathers day weekend I catch myself missing my dad, whom is 2,000 miles, or a few facetime rings away. Maybe he misses me too, or maybe he wants to enjoy fathers doing things on his own accord. After all, it is his personal day. I caught myself wanting to wake up my son this morning. For once, I was up before him and couldn’t wait to spend the morning hanging out watching MLB Network highlights as he swings his bat and pretends to run bases. To me, nothing else could’ve made the morning any better.

If you are lucky enough to be near by; spend the day with your dad or simply stop by to check up on him. If your not within driving distance, pick up that phone and call your old man, let him know you were thinking about him. Then say what’s up to your mom, she is always happy to hear from you. At the end of the day, as angry as I got with him at times, I find myself doing similar parent-like things with my little guy. Now, once today comes to a conclusion, don’t forget about your dad until next year! He’s shaped you in more ways than you can imagine, for good or bad. The jury is still out on that one 😉

Happy Father’s Day Dad.




Author: ScholarlyCaveman

Sharing the bit of knowledge I hold and some random thoughts, hoping you'll share some of your own. Dad, Writer, Speaker, Army Veteran. Ph.D. Candidate.

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