The 3 Types of Individuals You Work With

imagesMonday morning usually sets the tone for the day, and sometimes for the rest of the week. Our outlook can be influenced by how we let these first few hours affect us or shape us. It’s sad to say, but it’s not much of a surprise, many of our co-workers don’t get anything done. The “Monday Blues” as they are known, can take a toll on your production and in some cases, roll over and create a Tuesday hangover effect, next thing you know it’s Friday afternoon and you are yet to accomplish all your tasks. Being able to recognize the mentioned behavior is crucial to putting yourself in the best possible position to succeed. Not only will you feel more productive and refreshed, but you will begin to hone your craft and take charge of your mornings and weeks.

As I see it, there are 3 types of people in the professional world, all mixed and intertwined, blended and liquefied together, but the crème of the crop always rises to the top. It is not a difficult task, if you can keep yourself from falling victim to negative emotions and influences. As human beings, our behavior is indirectly manipulated by those around us; if we allow them to. I spent many hours in the Army observing and studying other soldiers, now in the corporate world I find myself doing the same. Without surprise, I have found that my peers once again fall into the same 3 categories I had discovered in the past.

1.People That Make Things Happen

This is self-explanatory on several different aspects, but in my individual observations these individuals not only complete their task, but reach out to help others. They don’t like seeing things waiting to get done, and furthermore, they hate having to rush and work late when deadlines are approaching and their bosses are losing their angry minds. These types of individuals are hard-working, reliable, great team players, but at risk of being over worked and overwhelmed. If you are one of these individuals I suggest you practice self-care and find ways to reduce stress and keep yourself grounded. It is very easy to get upset at others when you are the hardest working of the bunch.  However, when you can find ways to keep your composure and let your true leadership skills shine, your sky truly is the limit.

2.People That Watch Things Happen

These individuals are comparable to those that create morning traffic jams when they slow down to see what happened on the opposite side of the highway. They can be very toxic, especially if you have a close relationship with them and they feel the need to share their drunken weekend escapades or personal problems with you. I am not saying you shouldn’t have close relationships with co-workers, all I am saying is that there is a time and a place for that type of interaction. In my experience these individuals linger around those diligently working, are chatterboxes, and tend to get sidetracked and contribute very little outside of gibberish. It is important to recognize who these individuals are because although they are “assisting” they can stretch the time needed to complete the task at hand, and when deadlines are not met, your reputation and work ethic will be questioned without asking who did or did not contribute like they should have.


  1. People That Wonder What the Heck Just Happened

I don’t believe much of an explanation is needed for this type of individual. However, a nice story will do. Back to my Army days it is! No easy way to say this, but the individual I am thinking about was the biggest scam artist I have ever known. Whenever something needed to get done and word got out, he was quick to disappear into a bathroom stall. When weekend duty rosters were put out, he always had a soldier that needed his assistance that same day. If someone was needed to supervise young privates, he always had a doctor’s appointment. You get the picture. These types of individuals are also sitting among us in our corporations, schools, and medical offices. Whether we would like to admit it or not, they are there. You know a few of them. They are quick to disappear and quick to add their name to the list of those that deserve credit. They think no one has noticed, but everyone has. These people are the easiest to point out because usually they have no idea what is going on, or what just happened. You don’t ask them questions because you don’t want to have to call them out on their crap. You simple know they are, to an extent, useless.

As you progress through your day and week, keep an eye out for these types of individuals and surround yourself with those that will help you succeed. If you find yourself being either number two or number three, maybe it’s time to self-reflect and find the root cause of your behavior. Perhaps you are unhappy, or unmotivated, your health is suffering, or you hate your job. Whatever the reason may be, it is not too late to become the type of induvial that makes things happen, rather than the individual that quickly finds himself in the unemployment line.


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Author: ScholarlyCaveman

Sharing the bit of knowledge I hold and some random thoughts, hoping you'll share some of your own. Dad, Writer, Speaker, Army Veteran. Ph.D. Candidate.

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