The Art of The Excuse


Creativity is one of mankind’s most precious gifts. It allows us to create beautiful stories, pictures, sculptures, and make medical and scientific advancements. Yet it is one of the most abused and wasted skill sets. Often, true creativity is buried underneath a thick layer of excuses and lies. It is a vehicle for diverting blame and not owning up to our faults and lack of effort. Having an extraordinary mind can lead us to becoming visionaries, or excuse generating machines. I believe every individual has the power to achieve either greatness or mediocrity, and it is as simple as employing our creativity to better ourselves.

In the work place, creativity is often expressed through convoluted traffic stories or evil fairies turning off alarms in the middle of the night, for the 10th time this month. Being late to work is unacceptable, at times life happens, I understand that, but when you are 15 minutes late and you have a Starbucks cup in your hand, you need to address priorities. The traffic excuse is no longer valid. If you had time to stop to buy coffee, it leads me to believe there was traffic in the drive-thru lane and not the road. When you are constantly late, you need to employ your creativity to create believable excuses, many of which are so detailed a stranger might believe them.

Excuses are nothing but creative stories generated in attempts to avoid having to discuss the real problem, you. If you are constantly late to work, yet your creative excuses never fail to appear, perhaps you should explore those talents. Maybe you are working in the wrong field, your job is no longer satisfactory, and subconsciously you are late on purpose because your brain enjoys tapping into this creative realm. Self-analysis might help you discover your true passions and calling, your constant lateness might be your mind telling you it’s time for a change, or maybe it’s just time you grow up and start acting like an adult. Whatever the case may be, excuses are an art form, and if you find yourself lost in the details of your own made up stories, you might be more talented than you think.



Author: ScholarlyCaveman

Sharing the bit of knowledge I hold and some random thoughts, hoping you'll share some of your own. Dad, Writer, Speaker, Army Veteran. Ph.D. Candidate.

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